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Snippet: Ponyridden 
2nd-Sep-2011 11:10 pm
Guy, Longfellow; Arch to the Sky; 168 words; PG.

"Let me ride you like a horsey."


"Let me ride you like a horsey!"

Hell of a thing to wake up to.

At least it comes from the hallway. Looks like I landed in bed last night.

Nipawin's not a bad town. I have made a place here, such as it is. From the sound of it, Longfellow shall fit in nicely.

"Get the fuck off me!"

Giggling comes from the hallway, and it does not sound like his request has been honored. The mild hangover I have does not encourage calling out, but I do so anyway. "You may borrow my saddle!"

"Shut up, man! Seriously, get off me, lady!"

I fold my hands behind my head and kick off the covers, letting consciousness find me to the beat of my companion being ponyridden through my hallway by an anonymous girl from the night before. I am glad he came. Renfield is interesting, but some things with him are simply lost in translation.
kalijean: (Headlights in the rain)
3rd-Sep-2011 05:52 am (UTC)
Laughed out loud at this one. My husband asked me what was so funny, I told him he didn't want to know.

Too funny. Thanks! :)
3rd-Sep-2011 05:59 am (UTC)
::giggles:: My pleasure. I had it written for a while, and finally decided it was all it was ever gonna be.

Thank you ♥
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