You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack.
When good battles evil, which side do you believe wins?
20th-Nov-2011 09:23 am - Art by Steff-lady
Because she's brilliant. ♥

Guy & Longfellow )
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26th-Jul-2011 08:24 pm - Myra & Renfield Turnbull
[ profile] sl_walker is way too good to me, and commissioned a piece of art from [ profile] lashia69 for me!

The art is gorgeous and I love it to pieces. Myra in her 70's dress :D

and you may find my amazing gift under here )
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17th-Nov-2010 09:16 pm - Fanart: Renfield Turnbull
Fandom: Due South
Character: Renfield Turnbull
Artist: [ profile] slwatson
Notes: The beautiful [ profile] slwatson made this for me for Turnbull's birthday. She tells me because it's a gift for me, I should post it. I'm entirely honored by that. Here it is, in all its absolutely gorgeous glory. :D

Click to see full sized. )
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17th-May-2010 03:22 pm
Happy birthday, Steff-lady. <3
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